RS Auto's Electrical work within a 50-mile radius of Retford installing hands free kits in cars

Hands free car kit installation services


RS Auto's Electrical is a mobile auto electrician of hands free kits for any make or model of car. Hands free kits not only make perfect sense whilst you are driving but also they make sure you're not tempted to use your mobile when driving which incurs an automatic 3-points on your licence and a potential fine of £1000. With 20 years of experience you can be assured of a very professional service. Based in Retford we work within a 50-mile radius, covering Nottinghamshire and South Yorkshire.

Which is the best hands free system?


There are so many that it's impossible to say. What is more important is which is the best one for you? You'll want one that you like and that also fits within your budget. We'll be happy to talk through the options with you; then install whichever one you decide on.

Choose RS Auto's Electrical for:

  • Hands free kit installations

  • Impartial and professional advice

  • Timely mobile fitting service

  • We can fit in any vehicle