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Dash cams are the ideal way to protect yourself from fraudulent claims


It's an unfortunate reality in our society that cases of pre-meditated claims and fraudulent claims is one the rise. This is usually where another car forces you to hit them, so they can claim damages. By far the best way to protect against this is to have a dash cam fitted.  Dash cams, also known as in-car accident cameras, record your journey storing the data. This can then be used to prove you were not at fault for an accident. Based in Retford, RS Auto's Electrical & Repairs also offers a mobile installation by our experienced auto electrician across Nottinghamshire and South Yorkshire. 


We supply Nextbase dashcams as they are insurance recognised, this could lower your insurance by up to 30% when you take out a new cover. 

We can also install a dashcam you have supplied.

If you would like to discuss getting a dash cam fitted then please feel free to click on the get in touch button and contact us for a chat, we are always happy to help.