Got a problem with your clutch?

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RS Auto's Electrical & Repairs can help if you've developed a problem with your clutch. Based in Retford at Unit 3 & 4 Dukeries Court but we also offer a fantastic mobile repair service across Nottinghamshire and South Yorkshire and can also recover your vehicle back to our garage. Your clutch is full of moving parts that should operate smoothly. That means gear changes are smooth and no nasty grinding sounds. Clutches will wear out over time, and when they do, they give some clear warning sings. Some of these are - ​spongy feeling, or sticking when you press the pedal, squeaking or grumbling noise when pressing the pedal, revving the engine but poor acceleration, having difficulty changing gears or clutch slipping cause momentary loss of acceleration

If your not sure then we are happy to check for you and to advise how long it will be before your clutch will need changing.