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Here at RS Auto's we can handle all your camper van, conversion or motor home needs. From full conversions to having the additional extras your vehicle needs to make your life on the road as comfortable as can be. We can supply and install all electrical components for your vehicle as well as take care of the mechanical side to. Take a look below to see some of our best sellers. 


Mono-Crystalline Solar Panels 100W - 110W - 130W - Rigid or Flexible

Monocrystalline solar panels have the highest efficiency in comparison to any other type of solar panels. They are space-efficient and require the least amount of space as compared to their counterparts. Monocrystalline solar panels have a higher life span and tend to function quite longer than their warranty period.


SMART TV Internet directly on your Camper or Caravan TV 

Your TV transformed into a MEGA Smartphone with incorporated WIFI.

You can connect directly to a portable Wi-Fi Router with SIM Card (e.g. WIFI VAN T400) and use the Internet directly via the remote control.
Download the most popular Apps and connect to your favourite social media: Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, YouTube etc. Perform Google searches and download films and Video games. You can also watch your favourite NETFLIX series. With the supplied Miracast App you can transfer photos and videos directly from your smartphone to the TV and enjoy them on a much larger screen.
Ready to receive DVB-S2 satellite, DVB-T2 HEVC terrestrial and DVB-C cable programmes
Power supply: 12-24 Volt from battery and 230 V AC from mains power ON-OFF switch
Remote control with two additional keys to pilot the Teleco automatic satellite antenna
5000 satellite channels - 1000 TV channels


Automatic Satellite Antennas Fixed or Portable

Automatic Satellite Antenna HD with 16 saved Satellites. Equipped with DVB-S2 control unit with OLED display and 2 keys to start a satellite search or lower the dish. Can also be controlled via Bluetooth from your Smartphone via the App. The control unit also features a CI Bus port. All software updates - when made available on the App - can, in fact, be loaded directly by the user from a smartphone via Bluetooth. This is compatible with all TVs equipped with a DVB-S2 tuner and all Satellite receivers. Safety system with automatic closing of the antenna when the vehicle is started.


Automatic air conditioners with heat pump

When the summer is torrid, the heat is suffocating and humidity prevents you from sleeping at night, there’s no need to worry, because we will look after you. You don’t have to miss out on holidays in the south of Europe just because heat and mugginess might make your stay unbearable. A Telair air conditioner will make your days pleasant and relaxing. A sense of well-being will accompany you throughout your holiday, the system constantly cooling and drying the air inside your motorhome or caravan. Telair’s flat and aerodynamic roof-mounted air conditioners are the perfect solution, taking up minimal space inside the vehicle. Modern, innovative design.  uses the standard 40 x 40 cm roof-light opening, without affecting the aerodynamics of the vehicle.


Inverter Generators for your campervan needs

Even if you want to stay somewhere without an electric hook-up, you'll need a campervan generator. Many campsites that offer electric hook-ups for charging vehicle and leisure batteries often try to save energy by restricting power supply to motorhomes.
With Telair's wide range of choices to suit your needs we can supply and fit what is best for your campervan needs. 

Slick new designs give your generator a modern design. These truly are one of the best on the market.