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Are you getting your cambelt checked?


RS Auto's Electrical & Repairs can help if you need your cambelt and water pump replaced. Based in Retford we also offer a fantastic mobile repair service across Nottinghamshire and South Yorkshire and can also recover your vehicle back to our garage. The problem with cambelts is there are normally no warning signs if this is going to snap. A cambelt snapping can cause your engine to blow. Difference makes and models of vehicles recommend getting your cambelt changed at different stages so do your research about when yours will be due. Also calling into us and having it checked will also help. We would normally recommend changing your water pump at the same time which would save you money in the long run but that is up to you as a customer if you do not want it changing. 

If your not sure then we are happy to check for you and to advise how long it will be before it

needs changing.