Got a problem with your brakes?

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RS Auto's Electrical & Repairs can help if you've developed a problem with your brakes. Based in Retford we also offer a fantastic mobile repair service across Nottinghamshire and South Yorkshire and can also recover your vehicle back to our garage. Brakes wear quite quickly due to the work they do. if your car has developed a slight grinding, screeching or sounding like metal to metal when applying the brakes, then it makes sense to check them out as soon as possible. 

If you have a steering wheel judder when your braking its a sign of your discs being warped. This is the time to get them changed. 

If your not sure then we are happy to check them for you and to advise how long it will be before they need changing. 

What we supply:

We normally use the apex brand for our brake discs and pads we have found these to be the most efficient. We can also supply other brands are your request.

Convenient mobile service


From our convenient base in Retford we are ideally located to be able to cover all of Nottinghamshire and South Yorkshire. We offer a speedy response across this area; we carry a wide range of spare and replacement parts with us, so we'll be able to repair your vehicle when we get to you.